Style OnⓇ With CollegeFashionista!

Style OnⓇ With CollegeFashionista!

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A preview of the CollegeFashionista website


Fashion is tedious. It takes thought. With the overloaded schedule that comes with being a college student, many of us don’t prioritize looking stylish to class. But with everything, there are exceptions.

Public relations student Melissa Martinez likes to deviate from the typical ‘Cuse attire of sweatpants and hoodies. Martinez loves fashion so much she has translated her passion to reporting on Syracuse students’ outfits as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.

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Martinez embraces the warmth for a “Paris Summer”


CollegeFashionista is a website whose objective is be the medium through which style can be on college campuses around the world. The site hires “Style Gurus,” college students like Martinez, to contribute articles on what their peers wear. CollegeFashionista aspires to provide readers with insight on how to heighten their style.

On her Style Guru profile, Martinez says she loves fashion because of her ability to experiment. “I love when people take trends and make them their own,” Martinez writes. “When I began my college career I loved being not confined to an uniform and cherished the opportunity to express myself daily.”

Regardless of the subject, exposure expands perspective, and CollegeFashionista provides that exposure to different perspectives or styles on dressing in college. If you want to share that passion with the rest of the Orange Nation, check out the site or even apply to be a Style Guru!

Your campus is the runwayⓇ.

Nisha Stickles

NikeLab X Sacai

NikeLab X Sacai

Nike 1

Ever since Yeezy collaborated with Adidas, the fashion world has been carefully watching how the athletic fashion brand will retaliate. Nike’s response is finally here; it has teamed up with the ultra-stylish brand, Sacai.

Sacai was created by Japanese designer Chitose Abe in 1999 after leaving Commes des Garςons. Abe primarily works with high quality knits and contrasting fabrics. Many of Sacai’s pieces have an elegant, sporty look to them, as evident in Sacai’s focus on fabric innovation.

Nike 2

The grace and fragility of Sacai’s designs have crossed over successfully with Nike’s iconic neon color scheme. Working with Nike’s Tech Fleece fabric, Sacai and the athletic industry giant produced crew sweatshirts, crew hooded sweatshirts, crew tops, running shoes, crew knee-length dresses, and sweatpants. According to Anna Dello Russo’s blog, Abe was focused on the action of the outfits during athletic movements and the outfits’ unique structures.

“For me, Nike is an original icon with performance and innovation at its core,” Abe said. “It has been inspiring to work together”.

All pieces are available at Nike’s website in bright or more humble colors. While the pieces are not cheap, with the least expensive item being $150 and the most expensive being $350, they are far less expensive than the average Sacai shirt. In perspective, NikeLab X Sacai pieces a more affordable way to get the Sacai style.

Besides, if you are running outside and need that extra encouragement to finish the mile, realizing you look badass will give the strength you need. That is worth more than $350.

Christina Tiberio

Zipped Launch Party

Zipped Launch Party

Zipped will host its Spring 2015 launch party at the Amelia Leigh boutique (formerly Ellie Mia) Tuesday, April 28 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Attendees will be able to enter for a chance to win a basket of beauty products and items from Amelia Leigh. Raffle tickets are $2, and winners will be announced towards the end of the party. All items will also be discounted at 20 to 70 percent.

For more information, visit our Facebook page.

2015 Spring Nail Trends

2015 Spring Nail Trends

Bare Nails (kind of) – A popular trend during fashion month are bare nails with a few strokes of polish in a simple design, as seen at Prabal Gurung, Rodarte, and Dion Lee.


Minimalism– The minimalist trend has growing in popularity for the past couple seasons. At the spring shows, nudes, white, grey, and black were on prominent display at Narciso Rodriguez, Alexander Wang, and Tanya Taylor.


Over the top – Simplicity isn’t the only option. Crazy and bold nails are another must for the spring and summer seasons. Ushering out the long, cold winter, statement nails are a great way to brighten up in time for warmer months. Opening Ceremony and Desigual embraced the trend.


Anweih Cox

Sensational Swimwear

Sensational Swimwear

Now that it is finally warming up and the sunshine is showing its lovely face, it is time to think about swimsuits. Last year the cut-out one-piece and bikini were extremely popular. This year the cut-out swimsuit will still be popular, so no need to hid yours in fear of wearing a passed fad. Another swim style that has continued its reign for the past three years is the flattering high-waisted vintage bikini.

It is nice to know that some swim styles from past years are still fashionable, but for those curious about new styles, there are new swim trends that will be seen on the beach this summer.

Strappy Swimsuits

Inspired by the BDSM trend seen on the runways in 2012, straps have softened the leather style for a more romantic edginess. Popular in bras and dresses, strappy designs have been quite popular. This trend has carried over to swimsuits, with intricately woven straps on the back or strappy tops and bottoms.

Strappy Swimsuit
Victoria Secret Double-Strap Cheeky Top ($42.50) and Bottom ($38.50)

Barely There One-Pieces

One-pieces can look matronly if not done right.Let’s face it, everyone’s mom wears one, and for good reason! One-pieces can be particularly flattering and cover up any bulging tummy from pool side drinks and snacks (hello, 4th of July BBQ). Since one-pieces have caught on, designers have been making trendier pieces. One trend that is anything but matronly is the barely there one-piece. Sure the whole body is covered, but with see-through material. Privates are covered with a small design. Barely there one-pieces are cool and courageous. Be forewarned: a Brazilian wax is mandatory and any sudden movements might result in a nip-slip.

Nasty Gal Minimale Animale The Firebird Mesh Suit, $295

The Built-In Bra

Big-breasted women rejoice! The built in bra bikini top is back in fashion. Although Victoria’s Secret has always sold swimwear with underwire, it has gotten a little bit out of hand lately. Does anyone really need a push up bikini bra when they are simply trying to enjoy the water? Now, bikini tops with underwire do not look obviously like a bra and provide all of the comfort that is desired.

Built In Bra
Forever 21 Crochet Convertible Bikini Top, $16.90


The concept of sleeves on a swimsuit seems a little contradictory, but not to surfers. Finding a fashionable rash guard has been difficult for lady surfers. Now not only are the rash guards fashionable, they are trendy and suitable for non-surfers. Sleeves are also an attractive alternative for those who are self-conscious about their arms and nervous about sun burns (always wear SPF). The only foreseeable downside is that sleeves might make sitting in the sun extra hot.

Urban Outfitters Seea Hermosa One-Piece Surf Suit, $138

Christina Tiberio

FRESH Sugar Nude Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

FRESH Sugar Nude Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.27.00 PM

Spring is in full awakening, but the dry air still permeates. That isn’t reason to succumb to chapped lips, though. Revive your skin with Fresh’s Sugar Nude Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 ($22.50)!

This lip treatment provides moisture, protection and color – an irresistible trio! For the season of spring, natural beauty is a refreshing trend. The hint of iridescence gives a sexy, yet subtle look. Sugar Nude is the newest addition to the Sugar Treatment Collection, which offers an array of natural lip hues, including Sugar Petal and Sugar Honey.

Fresh co-founder Alina Roytberg describes the color as an inspiration from the break of dawn: “At around 4am, the night fades as a soft pink hue twinkles over the horizon. The rising sun casts a shimmery light over the ocean that dances across the waves. Sugar Nude is like a kiss of this sunrise on your beautiful lips.”


In addition to the protection from UV rays, Sugar Nude provides six-hour moisture thanks to the following ingredients:

  • Sugar, which ensures long-lasting moisture
  • Seed oils for moisturizing fatty acids
  • Vitamins A, C and E to firm and smooth the skin
  • Beeswax that softens the skin and enhances elasticity
  • Carnauba wax to seal in moisture and act as a barrier to prevent dehydration

Treat your lips with nourishment and look great while doing it too!

Nisha Stickles

Kicks by Carly

Kicks by Carly


Syracuse freshman Carly Fleischer never expected to start off her college career as an in-demand fashion designer. But with her tie-dyed and personally doodled designs popping up all over campus, Fleischer may want to consider a career change. Fleischer’s company, Kicks by Carly, sells brightly colored, hand painted, collage-like Vans and tie-dyed shirts. Zipped sits down with Fleischer to discuss the beginnings and future of Kicks by Carly.

kicksWhen did you first start tie-dying and painting shoes?

I had done tie-dye before, but nothing serious. Painting shoes was the first thing that I did, and it started last semester. Around last September I was sitting in my room extremely bored, and I decided that I wanted to paint my shoes. The minute I finished my roommate immediately wanted a pair and when we stepped outside of the door it caught on like wild fire. Tie-dying started after a night at DJs. When I was coming home I must have written myself a note on my phone because the next day I found it. The note was made on November 16th at 1:49 in the morning and all it said was “Want to bleach a shirt”, so I did. I began selling the shirts over winter break.


What inspires your designs?

I don’t really follow any fashion designers or celebrities. However, I am always looking for new patterns and color schemes to use. I personally like wearing all black, but I also love bright colors. Anything that is outlined in black makes it look cleaner to me. Fades and ombres are also designs I like to wear.

What are a few of your favorite designs?

I made a University of Miami one that I love, the colors worked out really well on that pair. Since the first pair was made for myself and it was tailored to my liking, I really like that design. The first pair might also be my favorite because it was the design that started it all. I once did a rhinestone pair, which turned out really cool, but it was a pain to do.


How long does it take to make an order?

When I tie-dye a shirt it takes about an hour, and when I paint a shoe it takes 6-7 hours.

Did you start the company when you realized it was lucrative?

No, I almost immediately started the company after I started doing shoes. I only do this for fun. I love seeing people wear my designs and making them happy.

Christina Tiberio