Sticking Around: NYX Longwearing Lip Color

Sticking Around: NYX Longwearing Lip Color

Angela Anastasi

Let’s admit it ladies, we’re all on the constant hunt for that lipstick that actually stays on past the first half hour of the party but doesn’t set us back a full week’s worth of mid-morning Starbuck’s runs. I’ve tried countless “24 hour wear!” and “smooch-proof!” lipsticks and stains, but with every new product trial run, I keep finding myself saddened by the lipstick stain on my cup after just one sip, and my wallet feeling even sadder.

The search for staying power may seem pretty hopeless at this point, but let me share with you the gold that I recently struck in the quest for long wearing lipsticks. It’s NYX lip color, and it is a game changer.

The first shade I tried was the Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red. I purchased this for a date night and was counting on it to stay put for at least a little while. Only setting me back about six dollars, my hopes were not high; however, the matte hue applied super easily and felt creamy, not dry. An hour and a few sips later, it was miraculously still there.

Untitled Source:

If matte isn’t your style, these shades are available in Butter Lipstick as well, which dry to a glossier finish. With huge shade offerings but a tiny price, NYX lip color is exactly what we’ve been looking for. Ladies everywhere, rejoice with that trendy bold lip (Don’t worry, it will stick around!)


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