How To: 5-Minute Makeup

How To: 5-Minute Makeup

Alyssa Sullivan


It’s hard to wake up in the morning for class, but even when you hit snooze too many times, you don’t have to look as rough as your eight AM’s. Here are some quick and easy tips to look alive and ready to take on the day in five minutes or less!

  1. Tinted moisturizer is your friend. You can easily dab it on with a beauty blender or clean hands for color-corrected skin with a soft, dewy finish.
  2. Don’t forget powder! Tinted moisturizers are great, but it won’t look so cute when you wake up from a mid-class snooze with a splotchy hand print on your face, so always remember to set your moisturizer with a translucent powder using a large, fluffy brush. For extra coverage, give a color matching pressed powder a try.  
  3. Frame your face.  Brows frame your face, so you have to keep them “on fleek.” If your brows aren’t tame when you wake up, use a clear brow gel to get them all into place. After that, use your favorite brow pencil and/or a matte shadow that matches your brow color to shape and fill in sparse areas.
  4. Curl and lengthen your lashes. Always make sure to curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara in generous coats to the top and bottom lashes.  This will really open up and define your eyes.
  5. Shimma, shimma.  No one has time for a well-blended smoky eye in five minutes (let’s be real), but it only takes a few seconds to sweep a shimmery shadow on the inner corner of your eye and on your brow bones to make your eyes look lighter and brighter.  The world will never know that you didn’t get a full 10 hours of sleep the night before!
  6. If you still have a minute left, line those eyes! A thin stroke of liquid liner will always make your look sharp and chic, and if you like it, then you should probably put a wing on it.

Never feel like you have to sacrifice style for time. You can get a simple and fresh makeup look that will last you all day and won’t make you late for class. 


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