NikeLab X Sacai

NikeLab X Sacai

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Ever since Yeezy collaborated with Adidas, the fashion world has been carefully watching how the athletic fashion brand will retaliate. Nike’s response is finally here; it has teamed up with the ultra-stylish brand, Sacai.

Sacai was created by Japanese designer Chitose Abe in 1999 after leaving Commes des Garςons. Abe primarily works with high quality knits and contrasting fabrics. Many of Sacai’s pieces have an elegant, sporty look to them, as evident in Sacai’s focus on fabric innovation.

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The grace and fragility of Sacai’s designs have crossed over successfully with Nike’s iconic neon color scheme. Working with Nike’s Tech Fleece fabric, Sacai and the athletic industry giant produced crew sweatshirts, crew hooded sweatshirts, crew tops, running shoes, crew knee-length dresses, and sweatpants. According to Anna Dello Russo’s blog, Abe was focused on the action of the outfits during athletic movements and the outfits’ unique structures.

“For me, Nike is an original icon with performance and innovation at its core,” Abe said. “It has been inspiring to work together”.

All pieces are available at Nike’s website in bright or more humble colors. While the pieces are not cheap, with the least expensive item being $150 and the most expensive being $350, they are far less expensive than the average Sacai shirt. In perspective, NikeLab X Sacai pieces a more affordable way to get the Sacai style.

Besides, if you are running outside and need that extra encouragement to finish the mile, realizing you look badass will give the strength you need. That is worth more than $350.

Christina Tiberio


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