Sensational Swimwear

Sensational Swimwear

Now that it is finally warming up and the sunshine is showing its lovely face, it is time to think about swimsuits. Last year the cut-out one-piece and bikini were extremely popular. This year the cut-out swimsuit will still be popular, so no need to hid yours in fear of wearing a passed fad. Another swim style that has continued its reign for the past three years is the flattering high-waisted vintage bikini.

It is nice to know that some swim styles from past years are still fashionable, but for those curious about new styles, there are new swim trends that will be seen on the beach this summer.

Strappy Swimsuits

Inspired by the BDSM trend seen on the runways in 2012, straps have softened the leather style for a more romantic edginess. Popular in bras and dresses, strappy designs have been quite popular. This trend has carried over to swimsuits, with intricately woven straps on the back or strappy tops and bottoms.

Strappy Swimsuit
Victoria Secret Double-Strap Cheeky Top ($42.50) and Bottom ($38.50)

Barely There One-Pieces

One-pieces can look matronly if not done right.Let’s face it, everyone’s mom wears one, and for good reason! One-pieces can be particularly flattering and cover up any bulging tummy from pool side drinks and snacks (hello, 4th of July BBQ). Since one-pieces have caught on, designers have been making trendier pieces. One trend that is anything but matronly is the barely there one-piece. Sure the whole body is covered, but with see-through material. Privates are covered with a small design. Barely there one-pieces are cool and courageous. Be forewarned: a Brazilian wax is mandatory and any sudden movements might result in a nip-slip.

Nasty Gal Minimale Animale The Firebird Mesh Suit, $295

The Built-In Bra

Big-breasted women rejoice! The built in bra bikini top is back in fashion. Although Victoria’s Secret has always sold swimwear with underwire, it has gotten a little bit out of hand lately. Does anyone really need a push up bikini bra when they are simply trying to enjoy the water? Now, bikini tops with underwire do not look obviously like a bra and provide all of the comfort that is desired.

Built In Bra
Forever 21 Crochet Convertible Bikini Top, $16.90


The concept of sleeves on a swimsuit seems a little contradictory, but not to surfers. Finding a fashionable rash guard has been difficult for lady surfers. Now not only are the rash guards fashionable, they are trendy and suitable for non-surfers. Sleeves are also an attractive alternative for those who are self-conscious about their arms and nervous about sun burns (always wear SPF). The only foreseeable downside is that sleeves might make sitting in the sun extra hot.

Urban Outfitters Seea Hermosa One-Piece Surf Suit, $138

Christina Tiberio


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