Lipstick Recipes

Lipstick Recipes


Lipstick lovers all around the world have the same struggle when the desire to try a new color comes about.

The question may linger in their heads as they hmm and haw over their potential buy. Others buy the lipstick with absolute confidence, not even second-guessing that the color may look differ from the tube to their lips. A buyer could try the tester lipstick, but no one wants to put a communal lipstick on.

Online shopping is not much help either. While perusing colors, buyers get a glimpse of the stick and a picture of a test swab to see its “true color”. This is a genius idea; people will finally know what the color will look like outside of the tube. Unfortunately, each color example that a website gives uses a white background to flaunt the color. There may be some pale colored lips out there, but there are none that are white. Therefore when the lipstick gets shipped to the house and onto the lips, it may look completely different than what was advertised on the site.


Lipstick 2Nasty Gal uses a white background to show the color of the lipstick

If frustrated that none of the lipstick colors look as good in the bottle as they do on the lips, or if the lipstick colors you have plain bore you, fear not. The best way to achieve the desired color lies in the lipsticks themselves. Combining lipsticks is the perfect way to get the color that perfectly matches what was originally envisioned.

Instead of creating a whole new lipstick, combining colors can be just as easy as putting the lipstick on. When combining colors remember to always put the lighter shade on first, and then lightly dab the darker color and smear it with a finger.




A stylish lipstick color right now is ox blood. Some dark red lipsticks show up more dark brown on lips than red. To achieve this color, use a basic bright red lipstick as a base. Then mix it with the dark brownish color. If you desire a darker color, apply a little bit more of the brown lipstick. Beware, if the brown is used as the base it will end up being very dark.

Another desired color is coral. If you bought a shade of coral and it ended up being more orange, mix it with a basic pink lipstick. Use the pink as the base and carefully dab the orange on the lips and mix with a finger.

Remember, never throw out lipsticks, and just get creative with them.

Christina Tiberio 


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