FRESH Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream

FRESH Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream


It’s all in the eyes, and skincare brand Fresh can preserve their youth. The Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream ($42) with Super 7 Complex boosts radiance and revitalizes eyes.

Fresh’s Super 7 Complex is designed to prevent signs of aging by nourishing the delicate under eye skin for a rested appearance. The Super 7 Complex combines four key ingredients to provide radiance-boosting hydration:

  • Antioxidant-rich lotus flower extract defends against wrinkles
  • Blue-green algae smoothes fine lines
  • Hibiscus fruit extract hydrates the skin
  • Fig fruit extract preserves the skin’s hydration
  • Vitamin C and E
  • Vegetable glycerol retains moisture


Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman explains skin underneath the eye as “a thin sheet of skin, making it important to threat the area differently than the rest of the face.”

The clinical results from an independent consumer-testing panel found that of the people who used the eye cream:

  • 100% reported their eye area was nourished
  • 97% said they eye cream remained well hydrated all day
  • 90% felt it boosted radiance
  • 87% noticed It protected and improved the appearance of the eye area
  • 83% said it combated dullness around the eyes



Save your skin’s youth with Lotus Preserve Eye Cream!

Nisha Stickles


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