The “No Poo” Movement

The “No Poo” Movement

Shampoo commercial after shampoo commercial promises long, strong, and silky-looking hair. In a Wen hair care commercial, a hairdresser with too many blonde highlights named Chaz hocks his anti-shampoo hair product. Chaz swears by his product, stating that unlike traditional shampoo, there are no harsh detergents, sulfates, or chemicals in his magical hair potion. One problem Chaz– it is still a hair cleansing product.

In the never-ending quest to find perfect, commercial-like hair, some believe they have found the answer. Chaz was correct in saying that shampoo these days are pretty harsh on the skin. However, instead of substituting shampoo with a different product, devotees of the so-called “no poo” method are completely skipping the shampooing process.

Sounding more like a rally for genetically altered dogs, the no poo movement is all about skipping shampoo. Despite the movement being ill-named (personally, I like the “no sham-sham” movement), many people have been giving up shampoo and seeing commercial-like results with their hair.


The no poo movement certainly sounds fishy (particularly one that is oily). What about all of the grease that appears after a couple of days of not washing the hair? Also, how do people keep their scalp clean and healthy without shampooing?

According to the official No Poo Method website, shampoo only came into universal use in the 70s, and before that people did not use shampoo nearly as often. The site suggests cleaning hair with baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or just plain old water. By using these different methods, the natural oils in the hair will and not damage the hair, like the chemicals in shampoo will. The website goes on to say that the scalp produces a lot of oil when it senses it is drying out. Shampoo acts as an agent to dry out the hair, thus the scalp overproduces grease after a shampoo.

shampoo 2

No Poo believers often wean themselves off of shampoo, but in the end see commercial-like results in their hair. Hair can be seen as softer, bouncier, fuller, and dandruff free. The beginning is rough though, hair is greasy for 2-6 weeks when first ditching shampoo.

Some doctors poo-poo the idea of not shampooing daily. When asked Dr. Nicole Rogers, MD, she said that all hair types are different. Some hair such as thick, wavy, curly hair looks better if not shampooed every day, while thin straight hair looks worse. Dr. Rogers disagrees with the fact that less oil will be produced once shampooing stops. The amount of oil that our body creates all depends on what we eat, genetics, and hormones, not the scalp’s retaliation to dry hair.

Whether it be a scam or a genius idea, the no poo method could help those who have exhausted all hair solutions, if they have the guts to try it.


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