Going Goth

Going Goth


Although 70s-inspired looks seemed to be the dominant trend at New York Fashion Week, there was another style that stood out. Goth has arisen from its fashion grave. There were the simplistic all black looks that paraded down ADEAM and Diesel Black Gold, and the less subtle looks on the runway at Libertine and Katie Gallagher. Even though black has never gone out of style, it’s never looked better than right now. Goth is back and has evolved into different subgenres.

Traditional Goth

Traditional Goth

Today’s gothic look originated from an entire culture of music, film, and literature in the late 70’s. The first goths often teased their hair or slicked it back with a heavy dose of pomade. An original goth’s entire wardrobe consisted of heavy, all black ensembles that covered the skin. Some goths drew on Victorian era dress with high lace collars and small ruffles. Crosses–either upside down or right-side up–were common in accessories. Goths favored a pale face, heavy eyeliner, and dark lips.

Normcore Goth

Normcore Goth

The normcore goth wears a simplified version of the original goth uniform, sticking to plain black tee shirts, babydoll dresses, leather motorcycle jackets, and jeans. For normcore goths, makeup and hair is very minimal. The hair is with black or bleach blonde, and usually not styled, while makeup is light, consisting of some foundation, mascara, maybe eyeliner, and either a bright or dark red lipstick. Many norm core goths go without makeup and accessories. They tend to wear black leather booties, black creepers, or with Vans or Chuck Taylors.

Health Goth

Health Goth

Goth for workout junkies, this subgenre of goth wears solely black and white. Health goths tend to show lots of skin and live for sports bras, shirts, and varsity jackets emblazoned with a moody word or a simple graphic. Makeup tends to be light and hair is either down, or up in a ponytail or bun. Health goths always wear running shoes, and no health goth outfit is complete without a sports logo.

Pastel Goth

Pastel Goth

Opting for a lighter color palette, pastel goths wear their colors in their hair. Almost every pastel goth has ice cream-colored hair. They tend to wear dark make up tends to be dark with heavy eyeliner and black lipstick, but with a very pale face. Clothes can vary, but tend to be on the cute and girly side similar to Lolitas. Some pastel goths have an all black wardrobe of frilly baby doll dresses. Others wear ironic graphic tees in pastel or black and pale tie-dye shorts.

Christina Tiberio


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