Caught on Campus: Victoria Anais Mercado

Caught on Campus: Victoria Anais Mercado


Spotted: Victoria Anais Mercado

Major: Communication and Rhetorical Studies


Patagonia coat

Forever 21 blazer

Zara shirt

Zara gloves


Museum of Sex socks

Dr. Martens shoes

Timex watch

At Syracuse University, staying warm is obviously a priority. But why not wear an outfit that stands out? Take it from Victoria Anais Mercado, a sophomore from Puerto Rico. She’s not afraid to test boundaries and wear the most extreme look for any occasion. Victoria likes black high-waisted pants with black crop tops and took inspiration from the Chanel Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear show.

“I felt like wearing my vintage beret,” she said. “I bought it about a year ago and thought of pieces that would go with it, and just wear them. I had never used it, so you caught me in time.”

Victoria’s grunge style really sets her apart on the SU scene.

“[My style is] punk mixed with guava,” she said. “but take the word guava as a symbolism for something random that I like to add in to make the look pop out of the normal mindset that people have.”


With a mix of seersucker fabrics and boxed sweaters, Victoria’s style is a mix of edgy and grounded. She describes her style as “punk, edgy, tomboy yet girly looking at the same time.” She likes to pair simple colors with studded gloves or a gold watch.

“Never limit yourself to what people think,” she said. “I never really ask what to wear to parties or what other people are wearing, because in my opinion, it does not matter. You have to do you and just be happy and have fun with it.”

Luigi Davila Breda


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