Hair in the Technological Age

Hair in the Technological Age

Pixelated hair by X-presion Creativos

As ombre and pastel hair gradually become less popular, the candy-colored hair trend continues. Maybe it’s people like model Chloe Norgaard who inspire us to keep our electric hues. However, even rainbow-colored hair is becoming a bit passé. An unusual new trend may take its place.

A new trend called pixelated hair has exploded all over social media. Pixelated hair is a dye job with the dye concentrated in blocks creating the illusion of a pixel. Popular combinations are dark hair with a red or green pop of color, or light hair with a pink or purple design. For those afraid of bright and showy colors, natural hair colors can be used.

The trend was created by X-presion Creativos, a hair studio based in Spain. After the pixelated hair trend hit social media, it got a lot of attention. Revlon launched their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, appropriately named Neon, with models donning pixelated locks.

pixel 3
Revlon’s experimentation with hair color

Unfortunately there are no how to videos for pixelated hair on Youtube. However, it is based off of a grid, so if you are the patient type you could map out what chunk of hair needs to be dyed to create the pixelated look. The pixelated hair trend can only work on straight hair, the image would be distorted if there were any wave or curl.

Try this trend by cutting a geometric, 8-bit like shape from card stock. Use hair chalk to outline the stencil on the desired spot on the hair. Instead of dying the hair inside the shape, fill it in with the chalk and see if it a look you would like to rock. If you love it, re-do the process except dye the hair inside the shape instead of filling it in with chalk. Although this will a little bulky looking, it will have a similar effect to the pixelated hair in the Revlon image above.

There are plenty of perks to this new trend besides looking like a character from Back to the Future II. Since there is little dye that goes into pixelating the hair, it is inexpensive. Because pixelated hair is not nearly as common as ombre or bright colored hair, it can be a unique fashion statement.


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