The Essential Guide to Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The Essential Guide to Perfect Winged Eyeliner


The “cat eye” or winged eye is a timeless and sleek look that will immediately vamp up your look. It creates a bold statement, yet maintaining a sultry feel. The cat eye is typically done with liquid liner, although the technique can be done using pencil or pressed shadow as well.

To begin, prep your lid with primer so the line stays put and doesn’t crease. Take a light pencil or eye shadow and create a small angled line that travels upward from your lower lash line towards the end of your eyebrow. This will create a guide or tracing line for the liquid liner so that both sides are even and accurate.


The line should look natural – as if the bottom of your eye continued up. Then, using the liner, trace edge your upper lid creating a light base, and continue the line overtop of your pencil or shadow line. This ensures a straight, natural looking flick and if done precisely, can look perfectly even on both sides. Retrace this line for more added definition, or keep the line thin and subtle for a more natural feel.

Add mascara and even some red lipstick to finish off your classic look. Liquid liner is tricky. However, with a steady hand and precise practice, it’ll eventually become second nature.

Kathryn News


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