Caught on Campus: Kate Sheehan

Caught on Campus: Kate Sheehan

caught on campus picture

Spotted: Kate Sheehan
Major: Advertising
LA Hearts sweater
T.J. Maxx leggings
Hunter boots

Though the weather in Syracuse is incredibly cold these days, junior Kate Sheehan doesn’t wear colorless, boring outfits. She faces the cold in basic winter pieces and her favorite sweater.

“I have had it for five years,” Sheehan said. “I love it not only because of its color, but also its comfort.”

Hunter Boots and basic leggings are must-have pieces for snowy and rainy days, and they match everything. If you don’t know what to wear, hunter boots and leggings are never a bad choice.

“It’s basic, simple, colorful, but comfortable,” Sheehan said. “…Why not wear some colorful pieces to light up your winter?”

Jingfei Wu




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