Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost

This past weekend, Adidas enthusiasts were buzzing over the new Kanye West and Adidas collaboration featuring the new “it” sneaker of the season, the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost, the collection’s premier item. All 9,000 pairs of the sneakers are already sold out, according to CNN Money.

Adidas x Kanye West collaboration

The primary colors in West’s collection are navy, olive, and taupe, and they compliment the grey, minimalist sneaker. In his congregation of diverse models, he balances out each look with heavy coats, thick distressed sweaters and appropriately baggy sweatpants with spandex, leggings, and tights.

Since #yeezyseason has just begun, you can dress as if you were styled by West. The main corners to hit include color, texture, and shape.


Pacsun Project Social T V-Neck Hooded Top, $69
Volcom Hill Long Sleeves T-Shirt, $49.50

Since his foray into the fashion world, West has been known to stray from color. He mainly stays within the neutral range of colors that correspond together. Putting more neutral colors into your wardrobe will allow for different aspects of the clothes to stand out, such as cut, style and texture, which are the points West uses to make sure his outfits and designs stay interesting.


Nasty Gal Tripp NYC Gorilla Knit Cardigan, $61.60
H&M Quilted Pilot Jacket, $49.95

West is known to be a lover of fur, and he incorporates fur into his own outfits and runway collections. Not only does Kanye use fur as a means of adding texture to outfits but he experiments with distressing, mesh, straps, zippers, pockets and other technicalities that create interesting details to spruce up the looks. Add some fur to your own look to make it a little more Yeezy.


Topshop Elastic Cut-Out Crop Top, $68
Topshop Leather-Look Joggers, $70

The collection featured very loose, unstructured clothing. Oversized and baggy were common themes throughout, however, it was balanced out with tight body hugging fabrics and pieces. It’s either/or when it comes to Yeezy. If you want to replicate this in your own look, try to combine tight and loose pieces.

Anweih Cox


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