Street Style at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Street Style at Copenhagen Fashion Week

From Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in the Nordic region, wrapped up on Feb. 1. Aside from the couture runways and upscale trade shows, the chic Danes were also seen rocking their modern garb on the streets of Denmark. Based on the oversized layers and monochromatic tones, it seems like these trendsetters have already nailed normcore fashion right on the head.

The oversized coat is an essential piece and was the start of the streets. Although these muted colors are not screaming for attention, they definitely give a laid back, yet polished vibe to the outfit, perfectly fitting for Denmark’s winter weather.

Oversized coats dominated the streets

It was evident that the Danes shoot for comfort this season judging by their choice of footwear. Heels hardly made an appearance; it was all loose-legged pants and flat-heeled sneaks that were hitting the cobblestone streets.

Pastel colors complimented by the popular choice of the oversized coat

Pastel colored coats were all the rave this winter season, and they were not forgotten during Copenhagen fashion week. Many show goers opted for bright statement pieces like neon sneakers, bright purses, and even eye-catching coats to give their relaxed style that extra kick.

Normcore is beginning to take a bigger role in the fashion world, and trendsetters of Denmark have already taken this style to the chicest level. In the myriad of loose layers and androgynous pieces, the Danes emerge as the essence of sophistication and high fashion, and still manage to bide by their terms of comfort while doing so.

Ariel Wang


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