Valentine’s Day Made Simple

Valentine’s Day Made Simple

Valentine’s Day is every boyfriend’s sigh of relief. All he has to do is pick up a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. Maybe make dinner reservations if he’s feeling ambitious, and then call it a day. But (as usual), girls have it rough.

As Valentine’s Day certainly has the girliest theme of all holidays, finding a gift for your man that is the perfect blend of mushy and masculine may seem like mission impossible. Luckily, I have come up with five cute, do-it-yourself gift ideas that will be sure to warm your guy’s heart this Valentine’s Day:

1. Five Presents for the Five Senses

For this gift, you would get five small presents that appeal to his senses. So, maybe his favorite candy for taste, a cute playlist of your favorite songs for hear, socks for feel, cologne for smell, and your nicest bra for see (to spice it up a bit).

2. 52 Reasons Why I Love (or Like) You on Playing Cards

On each card, write a different reason why you care about your significant other.


3. “Open When” Letters

Write a series of letters that say, “Open when…,” on the front so that he knows you’re always there when he needs you!

Some examples would be:
“Open when you need to be reminded of how much I care about you”
“Open when you’ve had a really rough week”
“Open when you want to laugh”.

4. Lottery Tickets

After decorating a piece of card stock and writing “lottery ticket” at the top, make three circles and write cute things that you can do for him (ex. foot rub, make dinner, back massage).

Then color over them with white crayon. Paint over the white crayon with silver or black paint, and once it dries, it will scratch off like a lottery ticket.


5. Junk Food Bouquet

Arrange tissue paper and his favorite junk foods in a bouquet to look like flowers.

Emily Alek


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