Color Combination Queen

Color Combination Queen


Spotted: Billie Owens (freshman)
Major: Undecided
BLANK Leather Jacket
PINK T-Shirt
H&M Pants
Michael Kors Watch
Steve Madden Combat Boots
Forever 21 Hat
Forever 21 Scarf

With Syracuse following the mentality of “Work Hard, Play Hard” it can be difficult to walk out the dorm looking fabulous every day, especially when you have a bio test, a Spanish quiz, a paper due and a club meeting or two after all of this. With freshman Billie Owens, her schedule is not that far from this, but she doesn’t let it hold her back when it comes to her style

Billie not only is working hard towards possibly transferring into S.I. Newhouse School of Communications, but she’s also doing a work study job for the men’s basketball team.

“I wanted to be cute, but comfortable,” Owens said. “Even though my schedule wasn’t that bad school wise, I had to go to work after class, so I knew I’d be in my clothes all day.”

Her bold patterned pants are nicely complemented with a simple, solid colored shirt and a black leather jacket to tie the outfit together emphasize the cute in her cute and comfortable look.

With such bold patterns in her pants and colors brought out from her plum shirt most would shy away from topping off this outfit with accessories. However, Owens cleanly added a beige scarf to go along with the color scheme and a simplistic but stylish Michael Kors watch.

She completes the color cycle by bringing out the black leather in her jacket again in her Steven Madden combat boots.

“I’m always walking all over campus,” Owens said. “I need supportive shoes, but I want them to look good too.”

Combat boots are always a classic, and with the paired jacket and creative color combination, Owens earned the title, Color Combination Queen.


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