Heighten Your Hair

Heighten Your Hair

The classic ponytail is always in style regardless of the season. We constantly see models with this sleek ‘do hitting the runways year after year. No matter how you tie it up, this style will always give off a polished look. Here are three ways you can step up your ponytail game.

Section It Out

Section it off
Section your hair like that of models at Roland Mouret Spring 2013

Add major edge and dimension to your ponytail by creating sections. Section off 3 inches of hair at your forehead and tease it with a comb and texturizing spray. Then tightly pull back the lower section hair into a neat pony, and secure the texturized section with your hair tie. You will instantly give off an “I mean business” vibe. This faux-hawk was seen on the runways of Roland Mouret Spring 2013 against androgynous geometric blazers. If you’re feeling ambitious, try the incredibly sleek sectioned basket weave ponytail seen at Fendi’s fall 2014 show.

Play with textures

Play With Textures

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.19.02 AM

Chanel was turning headsthis season when models were rocking dread-textured ponytails down the runway during Paris Fashion Week. Achieve this grungy look by adding tons of volume and textures to your pony. Texturize your ponytail with a bit of hairspray and a teasing comb (sea salt spray would also work), and add small braids down the length of your hair. Create the illusion of dreads by weaving strips of fabric, trimmings, and ribbons around sections of your hair. Too lazy to hit up a fabric store? It’s okay because Etsy Shops are already on top of this trend.

MensendikeMusings Chanel inspired runway ponytails, $15

Knot Straight

If edgy or grunge isn’t for you, try the timeless runway ponytail trend – a sleek, pin straight pony. This polished and feminine updo was seen against sparkly floral gowns at Elie Saab’s Spring Couture show in 2012. Start with straightened hair and tie it up high (around 3 inches above your ears). Twist things up by taking a one-inch section of your ponytail and tightly wrapping it down the length of your hair. Now just secure the ‘knot’ with bobby pins so it’s pressed directly against the back your head. Tame any flyaways with hairspray or hair serum and you’re set!

Knot straight
Elie Saab’s alternative, yet classy take on the ponytail

The versatile ponytail is constantly reinvented and revitalized to meet the modern standards and style demands of the fashion industry. So next time you are about to just throw your hair up into a dull pony, remember that just tweaking or adding one element can completely transform your look.

 Ariel Wang


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