Is This Weather (Faux) Real?

Is This Weather (Faux) Real?

These past couple of weeks Syracuse has seen some snowfall. People have been busting out their thick winter coats and are trying to stay as warm as possible for the trek to classes that unfortunately don’t get cancelled when the weather starts acting up. A major trend that has been re-gaining it’s popularity is fur. Faux fur has not only reached high fashion retailers appearing in Fall 2014 runway shows such as Celine, Tory Burch, and Balenciaga, but also fast fashion retailers such as H&M, Zara, and Topshop. If you’re feeling a little more daring in the winter time and want to slip on something other than your basic Northface jacket for a night out or even just every day, here are a few options to get you feeling glam.

Fur coat 1
Forever 21 Two-tone Fur Jacket, $53

Don’t want to fully commit to a full on faux fur coat? Try a warm furry vest to add an edge to your outfit. Fur vests can be paired in many different ways to add a cool factor to any outfit. Throw a faux fur vest over a bohemian dress and pair it with lace up boots or booties with neutral socks for a warm casual outfit. To glam it up wear a colored faux fur vest over a little black dress and pair with tights and heels for a classy, put-together night look.

fur vest 1
H&M Faux Fur Vest, $60

If you are craving more subtlety, try popping hints of faux fur in your cold weather accessories. Try a snood-a scarf and hood combination over your regular coat. This will help combat the harsh winds or try some fur mittens to keep your hands from freezing.

Anthropologie Faux Fur Cuff Gloves, $30
Anthropologie Faux Fur Cuff Gloves, $30

Anything goes when it comes to faux fur, just have fun with the trend but remember warmth over anything! Stay safe and have fun!

Anweih Cox


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