Seize the Freize

Seize the Freize


Spotted: Tanya Slipsager (freshman)

Major: Undecided


Prada boots

BP leggings

BB Dakota cardigan

Long Champ bag

Forever 21 headpiece


Though the weather in Syracuse has been flipping and flopping from cold to hot to cold, freshman Tanya Slipsager won’t let her outfits reflect the messiness of the forecast. As degrees outside dropped, Tanya stepped up her outfit to face the cold.


Bundling up with a BB Dakota cardigan, BP leggings to complement the patterned sweater and Prada boots to protect her feet, Slipsager prepared herself for her walk to class.


“I knew it’d be colder today than yesterday but I didn’t want that to affect my outfit,” Slipsager said.


Topping off her fresh fall attire, she accessorized with a Forever 21 headpiece to keep herself cozy while looking cool.


“My favorite parts of my outfits tend to be my accessories,” Slipsager added. “I think no matter how simple your clothes can be you can make a look really unique with a good accessory.”


Another accessory Slipsager added as both style and convenience is her Long Champ bag that’s also used to carry her books. For her, it’s an easy way to get the best of both worlds; a fashionable look and the brains to go along with it.


With the combination of her cardigan, leggings, boots, bag, and headpiece that all match to compliment her look, Slipsager seizes the day despite the cold weather.

Sydney Trager



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