Comfortably Cool

Comfortably Cool



Spotted: Emily Chalon (freshman)
Major: Communications and Rhetorical Studies
Lululemon leggings
Doc Marten boots
Urban Outfitters socks
Gap shirt

On a gloomy Saturday at Syracuse, there is nothing better than sitting in Café Kubal, getting work done and watching the rain fall down the windows. For freshman Emily Chalon, the comfort of this situation does not call for typical sweats and a t-shirt.

Though the weather outside calls for a morning of Netflix in bed, Emily doesn’t have time to stop.

“I have a lot to do today. I have to drop something off over at Lawrinson for a friend’s birthday, Facetime a friend from home for her birthday, and photograph a girl who lives on my floor, on top of my usual homework,” Chalon said.

But while going about her busy routine she also claims, “I don’t want to be running around campus looking like a slob.”

Her effortlessly chic outfit shows she’s comfortable, with a trendy ombré style denim button down, and comfortable leggings, adding flare with colorful socks and statement boots.

Growing up with a photographer for a mom, Chalon learned to be camera ready at all times, whether she’s about to chill out and study for an exam, or have a night out with friends.

“I never want to leave the dorm wearing something I wouldn’t want to be photographed in.” Chalon adds. “I wanted to be comfy but still look good.”

All pieces of her outfit work together to pull off her look, making Chalon’s busy day more comfortable and admirable. With the simplicity yet trendiness of her attire, she’s able to present a casual yet cute look.

Sydney Trager


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