Fangirling with Style

Fangirling with Style

We all have our favorite books, movies, and TV shows, and sometimes we want to display our affection for these things by incorporating them into our outfits. But that doesn’t always mean that we want to dress in a full costume or wear merchandise plastered with logos. Thankfully, Etsy offers more subtle and stylish ways to express your fandom love.

Chic Jewelry

The crack in the wall is remembered by Whovians as much more than two points in time and space that should have never met. This necklace recreates the crack that began the Amelia Pond fairytale and the Eleventh Doctor’s hour in a fun, chic accessory.

Etsy user AubergDesigns Crack in Space And Time
 AubergDesigns Crack in Space And Time, $55

Trekkies everywhere recognize the iconic VISOR worn by Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation. This ring reimagines the VISOR into a piece of jewelry that will add a little fandom funk to your outfit.

Visor Ring Sterling Silver
eyephoriadesign VISOR Ring Sterling Silver, $69.99

 Unique Eyewear

It’s not likely that wearing glasses with superheroes painted on the side will give you superhero eyesight. However, when the glasses include the MARVEL Avengers team including Black Widow and Hawkeye, you take what you can get! Also, these fun specs will give a fun splash of color to your look.

PoppinCustom The Averngers Special Edition Custom Painted Glasses 2
PoppinCustom The Averngers Special Edition Custom Painted Glasses, $40

Likely one of the most iconic pairs of glasses in human history, Harry Potter round frames add some fun fandom style to any outfit. Wired frames are not all that difficult to find and you can get them super cheap!

WizardingWares Handmade Harry Potter Glasses, $11.49
WizardingWares Handmade Harry Potter Glasses, $11.49

Phone Covers

Brace yourselves Game of Thrones fans; this phone case is for diehards. The map of Westeros not only serves as an excellent reference point during the show but also makes a super adorable phone case. This case is available for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4.

foxyNfoxy Game of thrones Map Case iphone 5 cover samsung gaxaly S3 S4 Hard Cover Case
foxyNfoxy Game of Thrones Map Case, $16.44

Regardless of your fandom, there are tons of unique and stylish ways to wear your affection. How do you fangirl with style?

Sara Gatcomb


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