Fashion Giant Does Good

Fashion Giant Does Good

Louis Vuitton Foundation museum in Paris, France

The worlds of fashion, artworlds of fashion, art, and architecture came together Friday, October 24 and architecture came together Friday, October 24 for the unveiling of a major project. The Louis Vuitton Foundation, or Foundation Louis-Vuitton, is a brand new art museum open in Paris, France.

Architect Frank Gehry


Frank Gehry, a famous architect, designed the beautifully modern structure that now holds a massive collection of contemporary art.  The museum is a gift to the city of Paris from LVMH, a luxury goods conglomerate headed by Bernard Arnault. The foundation was named after the famous leather goods and fashion label Louis Vuitton because that is LVHM’s most successful and profitable brand.

The opening was quite a big deal, and everyone was there from the French president François Hollande to supermodels and directors.

LVMH also hoped to show the better side of Arnault who is sometimes viewed in a negative light in France for being such a big businessman. They hoped to portray him as a person dedicated to culture and art.

The opening of the new art museum is refreshing because many view the fashion world as quite shallow. The foundation will bring even more culture to Paris and the world. Even better, the museum is a work of art itself.

Paige Kelly


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