Coach’s Unexpected Peanuts Collaboration

Coach’s Unexpected Peanuts Collaboration


Over the past few years Coach’s leather goods have slowly drifted away from the sophistication its reputation was built on to a more fun and young look. Many former Coach loyalists are disappointment with Coach, saying the brand isn’t what it used to be and its merchandise is sub par.

To address the criticism Stuart Vevers, Coach’s creative director, decided to collaborate with Charles Schulz’s iconic Peanuts characters to create a collection of Peanuts stamped Coach goods.

Coach X Peanuts Mini Surray Satchel, $350

When I heard about this new line, my initial reaction was, “Why?”

While I am a Peanuts fan, I didn’t see how stamping these classic cartoons on leather goods would assist Coach in its rebranding efforts. I expected to see large images of Peanuts characters thrown onto some Coach bags, appearing overall tacky.

I am happy to say, I stand corrected. Upon reviewing the Coach X Peanuts lookbook, I was impressed with Coach’s ability to subtly incorporate these characters. While yes, there is a Snoopy tote present, the majority of the collection consists of small, mostly black and white images of Snoopy and Woodstock stamped on bags in a relatively unobtrusive manner.

Coach Bleecker Duffle in Leather, $398

Coach stamped the characters  onto the hang tag , achieving the perfect combination of nostalgia associated with the Peanuts and a classic Coach bag. In addition to the 10 bags, purses and totes, the collection features other leather goods including, luggage tags, coasters, bookmarks and key chains. You can also purchase a black leather Snoopy doll in one of four sizes as well as a short and long sleeved tees.

Coach Bookmarks, $30 each

Last week, the collection was released in France and sold exclusively at Colette, a high-end French boutique. The collection became available on on October 24 (but you can check out the online lookbook now) and will be available in stores on November 1.

Tamara Itzkowitz


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