What’s Coming Up for Diane von Fürstenberg?

What’s Coming Up for Diane von Fürstenberg?


This fall will be an exciting season for designer Diane Von Fürstenberg. Von Fürstenberg, a high-end fashion designer, is known for her influence and practical designs. She is the 2005 recipient of the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award and creator of the wrap dress.

diane-von-furstenbergVon Fürstenberg’s career has spanned decades, but in the upcoming few weeks the fashion world will see two of her newest ventures: an upcoming memoir titled The Woman I Wanted to Be and the premier of her own reality show, House of DVF.

The Woman I Wanted to Be is Von Fürstenberg’s latest book and will be available for purchase as of Tuesday, October 28th.. Von Fürstenberg reflects upon her life as a fashion designer, former princess and breast cancer survivor.

Von Fürstenberg provides intimate insight into her life. She reveals truths that readers would be surprised to hear from a designer known for her sincerity.

“When I was very young, I was arrogant. I used to boast that I’d retire at 30,” Von Fürstenberg admits in The Woman I Wanted to Be. 

With her memoir, Von Fürstenberg aims to help woman understand that happiness is not dependent on beauty, youth, or money. Instead, it is based upon the experiences and goals that one creates for themself.


The ‘House of DVF’ is a new reality show on E!, premiering on Sunday November 2nd, 2014 10.p.m Eastern time. The show follows a group of young women who get the privilege of working with Von Fürstenberg to compete to become the newest DVF Global Brand Ambassador.

House of DVF gives viewers a look into Von Fürstenberg’s life, work ethic and company. The goal of ‘House of DVF’ is not to show cat fights between over eager women, but for Von Fürstenberg to help empower and inspire these contestants and teach them about the fashion industry. The show will teach both contestants and viewers Von Fürstenberg’s knowledge of designing and merchandizing.

Von Fürstenberg’s entrepreneurial spirit an inspiration. She is a remarkable role model for women by encouraging independence to achieve success. Check out The Woman I Wanted to Be and House of DVF to see the product of Von Fürstenberg’s talent and power.

Eden Mintz


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