Say No to Winter’s Woes

Say No to Winter’s Woes

by Zoe Malliaros

The chilly winter weather means we are exposed to furnace heat, long hot showers and harsh winter air, all of which can leave skin feeling uncomfortable, irritated and dry. In order to beat the winter blues, it’s essential to seek out calming, cooling and gentle skincare to sooth skin and pump up the hydration to keep your skin looking fresh, clean and healthy during the cold winter months.

Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea
Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea, $28

One way to beat the brisk conditions is with Zoe Organics’s baby bath tea ($28). Soothing bath soak has all the hallmarks of a skin-calming recipe thanks to oatmeal, lavender, calendula and cocoa butter. These ingredients will soften your skin and eliminate flakes and redness for an overall healthy look and feel.

Aveda Outer Peace Cooling Mask
Aveda Outer Peace Cooling Mask, $37

Another solution to the wintry weather’s effects is the AVEDA outer peace cooling mask ($37). Irritated skin is instantly soothed with an application of this aloe based mask. The mask also counteracts redness thanks to the natural botanicals in the ingredients. If hydration is your main cause of concern, this cooling mask is your best friend this winter.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, $13.99

If you’re experiencing dry skin outside of your face, have no fear, there’s a quick fix. CeraVe moisturizing cream ($13.99) is a hydration revelation. This thick cream, which is full of moisture abundant hyaluronic acid, leaves cracked skin, rough feet, elbows and knees instantly softened.

Eos Lip Balm
Eos Lip Balm, $3.99

Last but not least, it’s important to give your lips a little extra moisture when it’s bitter, windy and dry outside. A popular and effective lip-fix is Eos lip balm ($3.99). All flavors of Eos lip balms are 100% natural and contain vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba, which help fight dry lips. It’s convenient to have in your pocket or purse and it provides a super-fast, effective result.

With a few beauty counter fixes, it’s easy to conquer the winter and keep your body hydrated, soft and comfortable. By keeping your skin clean, clear and as healthy as possible, you’re sure to look and feel better. Evaluate your winter beauty needs, and take these simple steps to eliminate the winter blues.



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