Tame Your Mane With a Top Knot

Tame Your Mane With a Top Knot

You’ve seen them in street style photos, looking like Pebble Flintstone on her way to ballet practice, and they’ve invaded your TV screen on “Girls” and “Bunheads”. Top knots. They’re often piled high at the top of one’s head, as a defiant challenge to gravity. Top knots have made a mass impact on trends this year, and they aren’t going away anytime soon.

This hairstyle has been up-and-coming for the last year, with how-tos popping up on many blogs, YouTube tutorials and even in magazines. The top knot has also been helped along by many well-known trendsetters. It’s been spotted on the runways of Bottega Veneta and Lanvin during fashion week, and on celebrities Beyoncé, Diane Kruger and Miranda Kerr. Reality star, Lauren Conrad, called it her “go-to hairdo”, and everybody knows how influential LC is when it comes to beauty and fashion.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The emersion of top knots may also be due to the fact that women these days are obsessed with long hair. You can’t get the best top knot from a bob, but with long locks. Kim Ferry runs the styling team for ABC’s hit TV show “Bunheads”, and she says, “They are savvy enough to know that a bob isn’t versatile; with long hair you can do so much. You can braid it, twist it, tease it and, of course, throw it up into a bun.”

So why wouldn’t these girls just resort to fancy braids or pretty pony tails? The world may never know. Plopping a bun at the atop your head is the new thing, much like the beehive was back in the day, except this requires much less effort. But the top knot is indeed a versatile look. Wear it relaxed, dress it up — do whatever you want. Just make sure that you have plenty of pins and hairspray on deck.

Getty Images
Getty Images

For a sleeker look, many women use the “sock bun” technique. Here, a rolled-up sock or foam ring allows hair to make a neat doughnut shape. The New York Times says, “The total effect [of the sock bun] is Judy Jetson meets “Swan Lake”.” Whichever way the bun is worn, the goal is that is as towering, voluminous and as round as possible.

-Zoe Malliaros


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