Fancy Finger Tips

Fancy Finger Tips

With the shedding of leaves and browning of grass, it’s your responsibility to brighten fall with deep accents in your style and beauty. The best place to start is at the tip of your fingers!  Deep polish colors are best for this season and can enhance just about any look. Amongst the most popular are hues of red, green, blue, and metallic colors. Get your glam on from head to toe, with an emphasis on those fingertips.

All Lacquered Up
All Lacquered Up

If you’re on the go and looking for a simple manicure, solid colors are your MO. As mentioned, reds, greens, and blues are so fall 2013. Some ladies are into the brightest shades of these colors to add a pop to each and every one of their outfits. If you’re looking for a more subtle way to amp up your nails, try colors like navy blue, olive green, or oxblood red. These offer a softer look, but still exemplify the colors and themes of fall.

Harper's Bazaar
Harper’s Bazaar

Some of fall’s nail trends go beyond just color. Loving black or oxblood polish? Take nail art to the next level with glitter, lace, or even crystal accents. This gives you a neutral, fall-colored base with a bold curveball that can’t be matched. You can also add a shiny element to your mani by adding metallic polish here and there. Choose an “accent finger” and apply! Maybe even add a 3D element on top of this for the trendiest look possible. For those of you daring enough to try this out, you won’t be able to keep track of the compliments you’ll be given.

Glam is the goal here, girls. Fall is a season of changes and fading color, so you must account for this loss of color in your choice of manicure. Don’t shy away from shiny, and don’t be afraid of bold! Embrace trends and go all the way with them.

-Zoe Malliaros


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