The Fashion Team

The Fashion Team

Wouldn’t you rather rep your favorite designer than your favorite sports team? With LPD New York City’s collection of tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and jerseys, you can show where your real allegiances lie. The shirts, which you can buy on, each have a designer’s last name and birth year on the back.

According to the brand’s website, LPD is “a clothing brand rooted at the intersection of high fashion and American street wear.” Recognition of the brand has been spreading lately with write-ups from the likes of and If predictions are true, the label will soon join the ranks of Brian Lichtenberg’s cult street wear shirts.


Benjamin Fainlight, the man behind LPD told Teen Vogue all about how he came up with his idea to reach out to fashion’s biggest fans. “I thought you should be able to show you love a designer in a more affordable and direct way.” Well done, Benjamin!

-Renée Cherry


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