Lip Smack

Lip Smack

Sometimes all you need for a boost of confidence is a shock of color on your lips. Getting ready for class is tough in the morning, but if you grab some lipstick as you run out the door, your day might just get a little brighter thanks to your bold lips. College can be a stressful time and lipstick is an easy fix to a rushed morning. Keep your makeup simple with just some powder and mascara and choose a bright color that makes you feel beautiful. Lipstick takes the simplicity of a makeup-free day to a high-fashion level as you walk around campus with neon pink or coral lips.


A few tips to remember:

  • Keep your lips moisturized so they are always ready for color
  • Pick a color that flatters your skin tone (cool undertones for pale skin and warm undertones for darker skin)
  • Don’t be shy! Lip color can be easy yet sexy when you wear it with confidence

Swiping on some color as your run out the door can be all the motivation you need to get through a crazy day. This fall, try nude lips to go with the 90’s trend or deep reds and purples to compliment the colors of the season.



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