Model Talk | Cara Delevingne

Model Talk | Cara Delevingne


This probably comes as no shock, but the model of the moment is Cara Delevingne. Just this month, Cara has been featured in American Vogue and Australian Vogue. She is an international superstar and has been seen walking in the runway shows during NYC, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. And just last Month Cara celebrated her 21st birthday – who could believe it? Her bold eyebrows are what we all adore, and her edgy style is what makes her so endearing. Cara Delevingne is also a great follow on Instagram, posting hilarious photos such as her eating McDonalds after walking a runway show during New York fashion week, or making ridiculously goofy faces, yet still looking so chic. It is not just her gorgeous looks that her fans love, but her bold, funny and weird personality that comes along with it. Cara is a very talented model, and she has a lot of fun while doing it. As Cara says, “Don’t worry, be happy! Embrace your weirdness.”

– Julia Goldwasser



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