How to Keep Your Summer Glow

How to Keep Your Summer Glow

We often associate luminous, dewy skin with hot seasons. With summer passing, we can’t help but have to start to deal with the dull complexion the colder seasons bring on. While harsh colder conditions make it harder to maintain a healthy glow here are some tips that will help you to maintain it all year long.


1.  Change Moisturizer: If your skin allows it, buy a denser face moisturizer. This is not recommended to for oily skin, however, for normal to dry it will help to replenish and keep your skin away from dryness. Don’t wait for skin to feel dry to treat it, help your skin buy giving it the moisture it needs.

Philosophy Hope In A Jar – 40.00


 2. Exfoliate Skin: In order for skin to be dewy, it must be clear. Having an exfoliator handy, using it between 2-3 times a week along with a normal facial cleanser will help to produce results. Using an exfoliator too often will end up making it act as a harsh chemical that unbalances the natural oil of the skin.

Fresh Sugar Face Polish – 55.00


 3. Drink Water: During the warmer seasons, we often stock up on tea and coffee but forget the importance of drinking water. It’s essential to keep the body hydrated in order to provide moisture to your skin – giving it that glow!


4. Add a Highlight: Ever notice a model’s high cheekbones and radiant complexion? Huge credibility is attributed to artificial highlighters in order to create that effect. Highlighters come in the form of powder, cream or liquid and they are made to blend seamlessly into the skin. They are most noticeable on the tops of cheekbones, the t-zone and the center of ones forehead, as that is where the light hits the face the most. Lighten up on the foundation or any other base for the face if these products are in use in order to achieve this dewy look.

Benefit’s High Beam – 26.00

-Tyra Booker


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