’90s Beauty Trend

’90s Beauty Trend


The ‘90s are making a comeback, not only in fashion, but in beauty as well. Matte skin and nude lips are perfect to contrast the smudged look of the eyes. Rachel Adler of Beautyhigh.com says, “To update your eye look this season, try the smudged, slept-in eye that was all the rage in the ’90s. It’s not as bold as a statement smoky eye, but just as sexy.” Use brown shadows on the lids to keep the look natural. The ‘90s were all about understatement, whereas the ‘80s were about punchy color. Add plenty of black mascara to emphasize your smudged look.


Fill in your brows to frame your face using a powder and gel. Add some bronzer to contour under your cheekbones to make them stand out and to give your face some dimension. A nude lip is perfect for this season, but if you want a lip color for a night out, try a deep berry. Blot the color a bit to make it subtler and you’re good to go. Pair this look with a low ponytail or tousled waves, and you will be transported back to your childhood; all you need now is a choker necklace and a flannel shirt.


– Erin Reimel


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