Nails of the Runway

Nails of the Runway

Fashion Week is not simply a source of fashion inspiration, but beauty inspiration as well. Models on the spring 2014 runways sported a variety of perfectly manicured nails that are indicative of what will be hot for the upcoming season. This year, look forward to lots of neutrals as well as graphic art and some sassy sparkle.


The Pale Nail
While a polish that matches your nail color may seem simple, the minimalistic look can pack a punch. Pick a nude polish that matches your skin tone and show off how edgy simplicity can be.


Two-Toned Talons
Splitting two colors down the middle of your nails or creating a half moon at the base of your finger can take a simple nail to graphic art. Choose two complementary colors to pair for your look and use tape when painting to separate the sections and create a clean line.


Metallic Manicure
Add some spark to your look by adding a clear polish with some sparkle at the base of your nails or add an opaque metallic polish to the tips to add some excitement to a French manicure. A little sparkle can brighten your day and your whole look.

Professional looking manicures should not be reserved for the runway. Take inspiration for this season’s shows and incorporate them into your everyday look. Nails polishes are a fun and easy way to play with trends and let your creativity shine.

-Erin Reimel


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