CZΛRI Fashion Debuting at Syracuse

CZΛRI Fashion Debuting at Syracuse

Photo by Ashani Logan
Photo by Ashani Logan

Anyone who subscribes to the “trickle-up” theory of fashion knows that street style stars call the shots. CZVRI, a brand inspired by East Coast street culture, is all about the impact of individual expression.

CZVRI is the brainchild of Ari Callender, a pharmacy student at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. Callender designs the clothes, is active in their manufacturing, and plans to sell them at multiple colleges. The line includes $20 tee-shirts and $15 beanies and snapbacks for men and women. CZVRI will make its debut at the SU African Student Union Rip the Runway fashion show tomorrow at 7pm in Goldstein Auditorium.

The signature piece of the line is a black tee-shirt with the brand’s logo in shiny gold lettering: simple and versatile. “It asks you to give it life,” said Kanisha Ffriend, the CZVRI SU campus liason and events coordinator who is a sophomore at Syracuse.  “I have each model coming out wearing the shirt how they would wear it,” she says. Ffriend insists that CZVRI tee-shirts can fit anyone’s individual style and can be a statement piece when worn the right way. “It’s about the attitude you wear it with,” she says.

According to Ffriend, the brand is paying homage to the Bronx where she and Callender grew up.  “The goal of this brand is to celebrate urban culture and to empower people to be bold in everything that they do,” she says.

The brand’s logo reflects the power and finesse that the brand embodies. The word CZVRI is encased in a leaf crown, a symbol of imperial power. “The logo embodies so much,” said Ffriend. “The word czar in and of itself represents one having great power and authority. Unlike a king or a queen, a czar has an empire.”

photo by Marinique Mora
photo by Marinique Mora

Kanisha Ffriend is taking CZVRI orders by phone and email

-Renée Cherry


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