3 Beauty Tricks for Used Tea Bags

3 Beauty Tricks for Used Tea Bags

Fall is the season for cozying up on the couch with a hot cup of tea. And believe it or not, teabags still pack a punch after sitting in that mug. They’re chock full of antioxidants and contain tannins, which can do wonders for your skin. So don’t throw that tea bag away yet! Here are three ways to reuse tea bags for beauty benefits.


  1. Fix a broken nail – Cut a small piece of a used tea bag and press it onto the broken nail with nail glue. File off the edges until they’re smooth, then seal with a top coat.
  2. Brighten dark circles – Brew two tea bags, wring out excess water and let them cool for a few minutes. Lie back and press one tea bag onto each eye. Leave them on for about 10-15 minutes and you should have brighter looking eyes instantly.
  3. Deodorize odors – Stinky feet? Soak them in a steeped-tea bath for 20 minutes.

-Kristin Cordon


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