Spring Fever

Spring Fever

This spring’s latest trends include some daring picks: from exposed midriffs and deep V-necks to floral prints and structured shapes. If you’re looking to incorporate some of these bold trends into more wearable looks, start by toning them down with more neutral, basic essentials.

Photo Credit: Madewell
Photo Credit: Madewell

Instead of assembling an outfit from head-to-toe in floral print, pair a single floral piece with some clean and classic pieces such as a denim jacket or solid colored bottoms. This will actually make the floral statement piece of your choice stand out more without being over the top. Layering a light sweater or cardigan over a floral blouse for example can make something that might seem too flashy into something subtler.

For more special occasions, a deep V-neck can be a bold and sexy look to pull off. But it can be done so tastefully if it exposes just the right amount of  skin.

Photo Credit: longhairstyleshowto.com
Photo Credit: longhairstyleshowto.com

The structured silhouette of this dress balances out the plunging neckline. It exposes just the right amount of skin without being overly dramatic or scandalous. The pleats in bottom of the dress keep it looking classy and sophisticated.

Photo Credit: Pintrest.com
Photo Credit: Pintrest.com

It might be a good time for a girl to invest in some Pilate’s classes because the exposed midriff is a major spring trend this year. It can be a tricky look to pull off, but if it is paired with a well-fitted jacket or blazer, it can spice up any outfit to the max.

-Elisha Hahm


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