Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out


Lauren Conrad’s style blog offers several fun and versatile outfits for “girls night out.” She illustrates six different outfits that can be worn for all different occasions, from a night out in the city to a day trip to an art gallery.

The two most flexible “girls night out” outfits that Lauren posted are The Sleek Sophisticate” and the “Bold Soiree Babe.”

Her look for “The Sleek Sophisticate,” would be ideal for a night out with friends and consists of black leather leggings and a black silk blouse. The large quantity of black makes this outfit ideal for evening wear, and can be either dressed up or dressed down. She adds a sequined clutch, nude heels and a glitzy collar necklace that help to brighten up this evening look.

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Another versatile outfit that Lauren features is her “Bold Soiree Babe” that would be perfect for a weekend brunch or trip to a gallery. She features an orange sleeveless dress that is a very simple cut, and adds a unique colorful necklace and royal blue clutch. The bright colors in this outfit make it desirable for any summer or springtime outfit, but can be adapted to winter and fall by using a darker color palate

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Want more ideas on what to wear for a night out with the girls? Check out!

-Elisabeth Ferrari


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