My Best Friends Wedding

My Best Friends Wedding

Weddings are meant to be joyous celebrations, but they can be quite stressful when trying to decide what to wear. Most weddings do not have dress codes, but the outfit worn often depends on the venue, time of year and your relation to the couple.

The image shown on Pinterest is a fun and cheerful outfit that is appropriate for most spring and summer weddings. The dress is colorful and bright, but not too glitzy or showy. It is cut a few inches about the knee but still remains conservative with a high neckline. The yellow necklace, clutch, earrings and heels accentuate the yellow in the dress and send a youthful vibe. These pieces are light enough to make a statement without being too drastic.

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Photo Credit:

Winter weddings and religious weddings often require a more traditional and formal outfit but one can use this outfit as a reference. Most formal dresses will do of any color or material, and can be made as upbeat as one would like.

The most important things to remember when dressing for a wedding are not to dress too scandalous and remain covered, not to wear a voluminous “prom” dress which could take away from the bride and to never wear white!

-Elisabeth Ferrari


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