Print Fever

Print Fever

Though it has been on the runways and in the pages of Vogue for seasons, print fever has officially invaded Syracuse, as demonstrated by junior, Elizabeth LaFontaine.

For this particular look, LaFontaine took inspiration from Hannah from the second season of Girls’ “power clashing”––or mixing prints that really do not go together at all.

Pairing a nautical striped top and Aztec-inspired silk pants may never have crossed your mind before, but somehow, LaFontaine makes it work. Fearlessly mixing prints could not be hotter right now, so check your clashing inhibitions at the door and have at it! Plaids and florals, polka dots and chevron. Prints are here to stay.

Elizabeth LaFontaine
Elizabeth LaFontaine

Shirt: Forever 21

Vest: J. Crew

Pants: Tobi

Shoes: Toms

Sunglasses: Marshalls

With a style of classic with a twist, this Syracuse fashionista can often be seen wearing basics with something added that’s on trend “to make it more now,” LaFontaine says.

Though she takes style inspiration from the runway each season, she also looks to the past, particularly to the styles of the 50’s and 60’s.

But regardless of what era, trend, or show she draws inspiration from, LaFontaine always makes it her own.

“I like to feel comfortable and myself in whatever I wear,” LaFontaine said. “It needs to be me.”

-Leigh Miller


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