Would You Try A Fire Facial?

Would You Try A Fire Facial?

Forget passé spa treatments like facials that included cucumber covered eyes and having a burly woman with an incomprehensible accent kneading your back like fresh dough. Huǒ liáo is the latest beauty treatment causing waves in China.

The bizarre spa procedure, also known as a fire facial, involves soaking a wet cloth in alcohol and a secret mixture, and then covering it over problem areas. These areas can range from the face, legs, back and even stomach. The cloth is then set on fire for up to a minute. After the time has passed, the flames are smothered.  According to Yahoo Shine, Huǒ liáo is used to combat wrinkles, obesity, insomnia, joint pain and of course, the beautification of the skin.

The thought of an open flame near me— or even worse, on my body, scares me. The only thing that comes to mind is the voice of YouTube sensation Sweet Brown squealing, “Lord Jesus It’s a fire!”  And I definitely wouldn’t want that fire to be on my face. Would any of you be willing to try a fire facial?

Photo Credit: Shefinds.com
Photo Credit: Shefinds.com

-Annika Downs


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