Airport Style

Airport Style

For those long, dreary plane rides, comfort is key. But is there a way to feel comfortable without looking like you just rolled out of bed?

By knowing how to mix comfort pieces (such as sweatpants, hoodies, and beanies) with more trendy clothing items, you can transform a dull look into something effortlessly chic and comfy.

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Jeggings or leggings are a perfect part of an airport outfit because they are both comfortable enough to wear on a plane, yet structured enough so that it won’t look sloppy. Wearing a loose tee will help you feel less stuffy on the plane, and a cozy cardigan can play up your outfit and keep you warm while traveling. A hat to hide any crazy hair and a large tote bag for all your beauty essentials tops off a snug and stylish airport outfit.

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If you’re not up for the tight fit of leggings or jeggings, you can instead opt for a cute pair of boyfriend jeans. The loose fit of the denim pants will give your legs a nice breather, but the denim material will keep it from looking like a boring pair of baggy sweats. Oversized scarves are another popular airport outfit essential because they can dress up any top and shelter you from the plane’s chilly temperature.

-Elisha Hahm


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