Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

When meeting your boyfriend’s parents there is a ton of pressure to act, say and wear the right thing. Blush Magazine interviewed three different mothers on what they would like to see their son’s girlfriend wearing. They all agreed that it is important to be dressed for the occasion and to not reveal too much.

The outfits shared in Blush illustrate what to wear during a variety of scenarios when meeting his parents. The first outfits illustrate what to wear to a formal dinner or lunch. Both outfits consist of tailored skirts that fall below the knee. The skirts are paired with satin shirts that have high necklines. Either heels or flats can be worn that accentuate the colors throughout the rest of the outfit. The second look is made up of slim cut jeans, an orange blouse, a nude blazer and blue flats. The outfit is colorful, without being too busy and does not reveal too much.

They also illustrate a cotton coral dress with nude heels. The dress stops at the knee making it fun, yet conservative. The last two outfits focus on what to wear when meeting the parents at a family party, or for drinks. The first outfit is a short, blue dress paired with white flats. Although the dress is short and falls above the knee, the high and conservative neckline makes up for this. The next example consists of nude slacks, a bright pink blouse and wedges with colorful accents. The bright blouse has a high neckline and will flatter any skin type. Nude slacks add a traditional appeal, while colorful shoes will make you appear fun and youthful.

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-Elisabeth Ferrari


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