As the cold winter persists through the snowy campus of Syracuse, it is advised to bundle up from head to toe. Most of us have our toes covered with the necessary equipment: Hunter rain boots, UGG snow boots, and even Moonboots, but we tend to neglect our heads. It is crucial to cover your head in cold weather to retain warmth.

Recently, a new trend surfaced that will keep your head warm and attract the attention of everyone around: cat ear beanies. The concept of these hats is a bit extreme but it actually works, as it is stylish and functional. The trend started in Asia where extraordinary fashion is applauded. Since the trend made its way to the US, fashionistas have been spotted wearing these new cat inspired beanies.

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The cat ears on top of the classic beanie add a quirky twist and a bit of ferocious character. The beanies come in an array of colors from black to even neon green. Some even come adorned with studs on the ears, which give the beanies an edge. The cat ear beanie is the perfect complement to an outfit. The cat ears can even distract from a bad hair day! The beanies may be out of your comfort zone but take a chance and become a feline lover.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

– Karen Rose Kim



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