Simply Style

Simply Style

Fashion is about trends. These trends lend themselves to rules and ideas that shape the general understanding of what looks good. High fashion is great for runways and designers, but when it comes to personal clothing, high fashion fails. When it comes to every day people, the best looks come when high fashion combines with style. A personal style is the most vital factor in every day fashion. Style takes the rules and guidelines fashion deems acceptable, and personalizes them. Everyone’s own style determines what pieces of clothing look good to them and on them.

Photo Credit: Scott Schuman of
Photo Credit: Scott Schuman of

Finding your style is the key to building a wardrobe and looking fashionable. This takes time and practice. Everyone’s style is unique; so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t know yours. This blog beat is about highlighting style and fashion, making it easier to discover style. Talking to other guys, the problem I see the most often is a fear of style. A lot of guys feel out of place talking about fashion. The fact of the matter is the art of style is so personal; there aren’t many universally wrong answers to the question “what’s stylish”. What works for one person might not work for another, and vice versa. When knowledge of fashion combines with an understanding of style, the ultimate result is a truly cool, interesting, awesome outfit.

Photo Credit: Scott Schuman of
Photo Credit: Scott Schuman of

– Johnny Rosa


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