Job Interview Chic

Job Interview Chic

Job interviews are stressful as is, let alone the hours spent trying to put together the perfect outfit that will be sure to get you hired. On Lauren Conrad’s style blog she illustrates several interview outfits that are both appropriate and fashionable.

The outfit used for casual business interviews is a pair of black and white printed slacks, and a white blouse paired with a peach blazer. She combines these with nude heels, a nude clutch and turquoise earrings. This outfit is perfect for any interview because it is sophisticated yet unique. The printed pants and colorful blazer will help you stand out amongst your competitors, however they will not overwhelm your future employer or distract them during the interview.

The pops of color in the earrings and blazer are just enough to show your unique and trendy side while still remaining conservative. Almost everyone owns a white blouse, and it is essential for any interview that it is formfitting and wrinkle free. Blouses with collars often appear more professional and more conservative because they are a cute and refined piece, without showing too much skin.

Printed pants can help show your bold side, but it is essential that these pants fit properly, as they tie the outfit together. Because of the bold pants and blazer, neutral accessories are a must!

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-Elisabeth Ferrari


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