Leandra in casual chic.

The fashion world is currently buzzing about the blog, The Man Repeller. Written by the fabulous New Yorker, Leandra Medine, the premise includes what she defines as “outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex”. Leandra’s style incorporates the most current trends and popular pieces in her wardrobe, but retains a personal style simultaneously. Combining casual t-shirts with large jeweled collar necklaces is her forte and bizarre pant silhouettes combined with quirky accessories define her “repelling.”  With an ability to mix casual with formal, she is always dressed appropriately for any event and is an inspiration to all fashionistas out there.

Leandra in a more polished number.

Leandra’s writing is just as a strong as her style, which is why The Man Repeller is without a doubt a need-to-read blog. Catching much attention from the fashion world, she has collaborated with stores from Barney’s New York, where she is frequently mentioned in the store’s The Window, an insider fashion access page, to Urban Outfitters, where she took a five-day denim challenge, creating outfits with BDG jeans.  Not afraid to take chances with her clothes or words, Leandra makes fun of her personal lack of hygiene, curses like a sailor, and is slightly obsessed with gluing googly eyes to things. Her approach to fashion is overwhelmingly refreshing and her blog is to match.

Check out

– Kelley Rowland


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