Polished and Presidential

Polished and Presidential

I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge politics buff, but one of Obama’s new campaign strategies has certainly been peaking my interest. In keeping with it’s previous grass roots campaigning style, the team incumbents team may just be trying to attract a new demographic with it’s new official presidential (wait for it)… nail polish.

Created by Richard Blanch of Le Métier de Beauté, the set includes an oh-so-official bag and three patriotic colors “Red-y To Win”, “Victory White”, and “Bo Blue.” It can be purchased at $40 with all proceeds benefiting Obama’s 2012 campaign efforts. The nail polish is all part of the “Runway to Win” collection; a campaign event involving almost two dozen famous designers who have come together to create products endorsing the democratic nominee.

On one hand (nail pun not intended), I see this new tactic as an innovative way to capture the attention of female voters like myself. But coming from a beauty perspective, there isn’t anything too interesting about the actual color, quality, or even presentation of these polishes. Regardless, this quirky bit of news has drawn an impressive amount of commentary from the worlds of both style and politics- a combination we’re not likely to see for at least another four years!

-Sara Easterling


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