All Dolled Up

All Dolled Up

The ready-to-wear collection Marc Jacobs created for Louis Vuitton this Spring is all about flight and fancy. Dressed in delicate bedazzled headbands and floral pastel, the models touted looks fit for any modern day princess- some even wore tiaras!

When I saw behind the scenes photos from this show, I just about had a beauty-gasm over how fresh and pretty the makeup was. Really, what girl doesn’t love fluttery lashes and plump pink lips? This look embodies femininity at it’s finest and is simple enough to replicate by teasing out a few key details.

It’s always a given to start of with a clean palette. It seems the skin in this look (above) has been accentuated with some illuminating product on the bridge of the nose, cheeks, and just above the lips to create a bright, dewy effect. The next key element is adding a touch of a candy-colored pink colored gloss to the lips for some shine. And last but certainly not least, there are the lashes. Can we just talk about these lashes for a minute? They are thick, full, unbelievably bouncy, and undeniably… fake. In fact, Makeup artist Pat McGrath reported that each girl wore ten sets of false lashes! This is certainly a little ambitious for the everyday girl, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take inspiration by wearing just one set from time to time- or at least a great mascara.

For the most natural looking results, try individual lashes like these:
















-Sara Easterling


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