Wild Streak

Wild Streak

Oh, the many reasons I can’t wait for summer. The season is a time for cut off jean shorts, flip-flops, and easy, breezy beauty. But one trend I never thought I would consider is streaked hair. In most cases, brightly colored hair conjures up memories of bad 90’s grunge trends and teen angst. But New York Fashion Week has provided a new perspective on the dip-dyed do. This year, Peter Som and Marchesa were just two shows that accented their collections with a mixture of streaked and full on highlighter hair. The strategically placed detail injected prim and proper looks with a healthy dose of California-cool.

When taken to an extreme, bright hair can seem scary, but I think it could be a fun new departure for beauty trendsetters as we head into summer. One way to try some color is by using an innovative little product called the Colour Bug. With its egg like appearance, the Bug is a temporary rub in, wash out color that inserts pigment without permanently dying your hair. The product is perfect for fickle beauty girls who love to experiment without commitment. Although it’s an Australian product, you can learn more about the Colour Bug here and watch out for the little tool in the U.S.

Peter Som



































-Sara Easterling


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